Tax Preparer for Corporations, LLCs, and Other Businesses

Preparing tax returns for clients in Burlington, Lexington, Cambridge, Arlington, and the Greater Boston area

As a CPA and attorney for more than 25 years, I have prepared tax returns for businesses, including corporations, LLCs, and other entities.

My ACCOUNTING & TAX practice is focused on providing the advice, tax preparation, and strategic guidance often sought by businesses. Ideally, tax preparation is focused not only on ensuring completeness and accuracy, but also making sure that all deductions and credits are properly taken in order to minimize taxes.

Tax Planning Services

In addition to tax preparation services, we also provide tax planning services to businesses and individuals which usually occur a few months before year end and is a great time to meet with business owners to discuss anticipated operations for the next year, and to determine what actions might be available to minimize taxes. Additionally, this time also affords an opportunity consider the personal tax situation of a business owner, and to similarly consider tax-advantaged strategies such as retirement contributions and other matters.

We would invite you to schedule an appointment with us at a convenient time to learn about how we may assist you and your company.