Massachusetts Deed Preparation Lawyer

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A deed is the legal document by which real estate is transferred. As such, it is imperative that the deed include all legal aspects required for the effective transfer, and that the legal description be accurate in all respects.

In Massachusetts, deeds are commonly prepared by legal counsel for the seller, and upon approval of the form of deed by buyer’s counsel, the deed is executed by the seller.

How We Help

As  Massachusetts real estate closing attorneys, we represent both sellers and buyers with respect to deed matters.

We represent sellers in deed preparation, including working with title companies to ensure that good and marketable title can be freely conveyed. We then prepare the deed, and convey the executed deed to buyer’s counsel upon approval and transaction closing.

On behalf of buyers, we review deeds to ensure that good and marketable title is being conveyed, and that the deed itself conforms in all aspects to applicable law.  Upon transaction closing, it is our role to ensure that the deed is promptly filed and recorded.

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