The Purchase and Sale Agreement

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The Purchase and Sale agreement is the contract made between the buyer and the seller once an offer to purchase has been signed and accepted.  It is arguably the most important document of the entire transaction, as it will layout the terms for the sale of the home or property, from seller to buyer.

This document can range from as few as 7 pages to dozens of pages in length. The primary reason we spend so much time on it is that it guides and protects the two parties when a problem or disagreement arises. Whenever a problem in the transaction occurs, the question that typically follows is “what does the Purchase and Sale agreement say?”.  That is when a well drafted document will make all the difference.

Buying or selling a home can be very emotional, stressful and overwhelming. Having a knowledgeable real estate attorney draft or review the Purchase and Sale agreement for your transaction will make it less intimidating and will provide you peace of mind that your real estate closings interest is fully represented.